OpenModeling is the website of Jos Warmer, specialized in model driven development (MDD). I believe that applying MDD can result in big improvements in software development. And I do mean vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big improvements. That is, in the right context and applied correctly.

The most successful project and companies using MDD almost exclusively use Domain Specific Languages.
They define their own DSLs for their own specific domain and then build an environment suitable for working with these DSLs.

On this site you will find information about model driven development, my self and the services that I can deliver for you.

Consultancy on Model Driven Development

I deliver consultancy services to help you in basically everything around model driven development.

For example:

  • Help you to decide whether and for which parts of you organization model driven development makes sense.
  • Help you to define the step-by-step transition to model driven development.
  • Help you to select the appropriate ...
more ...

Development of Domain Specific Languages

We can help you to develop your own Domain Specific Language for your own technical or business domain. If you do not know whether a domain specific language might be useful for your company, we will start with a feasibility study to see in what areas of your company domain ... more ...

Eclipse Based Tooling

Model driven development without tools is like a carpenter without a hammer: you will not achieve much! We want to stress the fact that if you are using DSLs to improve your software development you must have proper tooling jn place.

There is quite a nice palette of tools available ... more ...

JetBrains MPS

Powerful Notation to Match Business User Requirements

MPS, short for Meta Programming System is an innovative DSL development tool developed by JetBrains, the creator of the popular IntelliJ IDE. In contract with most other tools, the notation is not restricted to text (like Xtext and others), or graphics (like e ... more ...

Model Driven Development

Model Driven Development is defined as automation of software development by use of models.


There often is confusion about the meaning of Model Driven Development. We make a clear distinction between Model Based Development and Model Driven Development.

Model Driven Development (MDD)

MDD is software development where software is ... more ...


To ensure that any model driven solutions that we deliver can be fully maintained by our customers, we also deliver mentoring & training as part of our services. This will help your people to get up to speed with model driven development and build the expertise to apply model driven development ... more ...

Mobile App Development IDE

Service2Media is a award winning company that offers an App Lifecycle Platform for developing mobile applications. Using this platform you can write an application once, and it will then run on multiple mobile platforms like Apple, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry and Nokia.

With Service2Media we developed an Eclipse based IDE to ... more ...

Product Modeling Workbench for Insurance Products

The Product Modeling Workbench (PMW) is based on a DSL for specifying insurance products called the Product Specification Diagram (PSD) notation. This DSL was originally defined by IBM as part of its Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) and donated to the Acord organization standards organization where it continues to evolve.

PMW ... more ...


I can execute complete projects, either in a mixed team with you own developers, or with a dedicated team fron my network.

Through my business partner Itemis I have access to a large group of excellent people with an extensive background in model driven development. Next to that I have ... more ...

Industrial Research

We are doing our own industrial research, supported by a WBSO grant from the Dutch government.

We can also perform research projects for your company. We usually develop a proof of concept / prototype as part of the research, because we find that this makes an otherwise potential theoretic concepts more ... more ...